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Download Microsoft Office 2008 iso for Mac OS X free...

Microsoft Office 2008 iso for Mac is a version of the Microsoft Office productivity suite for Mac OS X. It supersedes Office 2004 for Mac (which did not have Intel native code) and is the Mac OS X equivalent of Office 2007.

Microsoft Office 2008 iso was developed by Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit and released on January 15, 2008. Office 2008 was the last version of Office for Mac to support Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.9 or higher) and Macs with a PowerPC processor (G4 or higher) as well as newer Macs with Intel processors.

In June 2008, Microsoft announced that it is exploring the idea of bringing some of the functionality of Solver back to Excel. In late August 2008, Microsoft announced that a new Solver for Excel 2008 was available as a free download from Frontline Systems, original developers of the Excel Solver.

Microsoft Office 2008 iso was followed by Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 released on October 26, 2010, requiring a Mac with an Intel processor and Mac OS version 10.5 or later. Office 2008 is also the last version to feature Entourage, which was replaced by Outlook in Office 2011.

Features of Microsoft Office 2008 iso 

Microsoft Office 2008 iso for Mac includes the same core programs currently included with Office 2004 for Mac: Entourage, Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

Mac-only features included are a publishing layout view, which offers functionality similar to Microsoft Publisher for Windows, a "Ledger Sheet mode" in Excel to ease financial tasks, and a "My Day" application offering a quick way to view the day's events.

Microsoft Office 2008 iso supports the new Office Open XML format, and defaults to saving all files in this format. On February 21, 2008 Geoff Price revealed that the format conversion update for Office 2004 would be delayed until June 2008 in order to provide the first update to Office 2008.

Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications is not supported in this version.
As a result such Excel add-ins dependent on VBA, such as Solver, have not been bundled in the current release.
However, Excel 2008 also lacks other functionality, such as Pivot Chart functionality, which has long been a feature in the Windows version. In May 2008, Microsoft announced that VBA will be making a return in the next version of Microsoft Office for Mac.

AppleScript and the Open Scripting Architecture will still be supported.

Download Microsoft Office 2008 iso for Mac OS X Free

Monday, 8 September 2014

Download Microsoft office 2013 iso image free for 32/64 bit...

Download Microsoft office 2013 iso

download microsoft office 2013 iso

Microsoft Office 2013 iso (formerly Office 15) is a version of Microsoft Office, a productivity suite for Microsoft Windows. 
It is the successor of Microsoft Office 2010 and includes extended file format support, user interface updates and support for touch among its new features.
Office 2013 is suitable for IA-32 and x64 systems and requires Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 or a later version of either.
 A version of Office 2013 comes included on Windows RT devices.

Development on this version of Microsoft Office was started in 2010 and ended on October 11, 2012 when Microsoft Office 2013 iso was released to manufacturing.
 Microsoft released Office 2013 to general availability on 29 January 2013.
This version includes new features such as integration support for online services (including SkyDrive,, Hotmail, Skype, Yammer and Flickr), improved format support for Office Open XML (OOXML), OpenDocument (ODF) and Portable Document Format (PDF) and support for multi-touch microsoft office 2013 iso free from here at one click.

Microsoft Office 2013 iso comes in twelve different editions, including three editions for retail outlets, two editions for volume licensing channel, five subscription-based editions available through Microsoft Office 365 program, the web application edition known as Office Web Apps and the Office RT edition made for tablets and mobile devices. 
Office Web Apps are available free of charge on the web although enterprises may obtain on-premises installations for a price. download microsoft office 2013 iso free from here.
Microsoft Office 2013 iso  applications may be obtained individually; this includes Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project and Microsoft SharePoint Designer which are not included in any of the twelve editions.

Download Microsoft office 2013 iso

Microsoft office 2013 iso professional 64 BIT

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Download virtualbox for burning iso files on cd/dvd.

Download VirtualBox

Here, you will find links to VirtualBox binaries and its source code.

VirtualBox binaries
By downloading, you agree to the terms and conditions of the respective license.
  • VirtualBox platform packages. The binaries are released under the terms of the GPL version 2.
    • VirtualBox 4.3.14 for Windows hosts  x86/amd64
      If you run into problems with the Windows package, please refer to the  forum, it has a link to a build with some fixes and additional information. Please provide a detailed problem description if you think your case isn't covered yet.
    • VirtualBox 4.3.14 for OS X hosts  x86/amd64
    • VirtualBox 4.3.14 for Linux hosts
    • VirtualBox 4.3.14 for Solaris hosts  amd64
See the changelog for what has changed.
You might want to compare the
to verify the integrity of downloaded packages.
The SHA256 checksums should be favored as the MD5 algorithm must be treated as insecure!
Note: After upgrading VirtualBox it is recommended to upgrade the guest additions as well.

User Manual

The VirtualBox User Manual is included in the VirtualBox binaries above. If, however, you would like to take a look at it without having to install the whole thing, you also access it here:
You may also like to take a look at our frequently asked questions list.

VirtualBox older builds

The binaries in this section for VirtualBox before version 4.0 are all released under the VirtualBox Personal Use and Evaluation License (PUEL). As of VirtualBox 4.0, the Extension Pack is released under the VirtualBox Personal Use and Evaluation License and the other packages are released under the terms of the GPL version 2. By downloading, you agree to the terms and conditions of the respective license.

VirtualBox Sources

The VirtualBox sources are available free of charge under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License, Version 2. By downloading from the below links, you agree to these terms and conditions.
  • Download the VirtualBox OSE about logo in higher resolutions: 1024x7681600x1200.
  • Checking out from our Subversion server.
    svn co vbox
    This is the current development code, which is not necessarily stable.
After getting the sources in one of the ways listed above, you should have a look at the build instructions.
Please also take a look at our licensing FAQ, in particular regarding the use of the name VirtualBox.

Pre-built VirtualBox vm's

There are some pre-built vm's designed for developers and the curious over on the  Oracle Tech Network site.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Download Windows server 2000 iso setup for free

Microsoft Windows 2000

Server family features[edit]
The Windows 2000 server family consists of Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, and Windows 2000 Datacenter Server.

All editions of Windows 2000 Server have the following services and features built in:

  • Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS) support, facilitating dial-up and VPN connections using IPsec, L2TP or L2TP/IPsec, support for RADIUS authentication in Internet Authentication Service, network connection sharing, Network Address Translation, unicast and multicast routing schemes.
  • Remote access security features: Remote Access Policies for setup, verify Caller ID (IP address for VPNs), callback and Remote access account lockout[94]
  • Autodial by location feature using the Remote Access Auto Connection Manager service
  • Extensible Authentication Protocol support in IAS (EAP-MD5 and EAP-TLS) later upgraded to PEAPv0/EAP-MSCHAPv2 and PEAP-EAP-TLS in Windows 2000 SP4
  • DNS server, including support for Dynamic DNS. Active Directory relies heavily on DNS.
  • IPsec support and TCP/IP filtering
  • Smart card support
  • Microsoft Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK) and Connection Point Services
  • Support for distributed file systems (DFS)
  • Hierarchical Storage Management support including remote storage,[95] a service that runs with NTFS and automatically transfers files that are not used for some time to less expensive storage media
  • Fault tolerant volumes, namely Mirrored and RAID-5
  • Group Policy (part of Active Directory)
  • IntelliMirror, a collection of technologies for fine-grained management of Windows 2000 Professional clients that duplicates users' data, applications, files, and settings in a centralized location on the network. IntelliMirror employs technologies such as Group Policy, Windows Installer, Roaming profiles, Folder Redirection, Offline Files (also known as Client Side Caching or CSC), File Replication Service (FRS), Remote Installation Services (RIS) to address desktop management scenarios such as user data management, user settings management, software installation and maintenance.
  • COM+, Microsoft Transaction Server and Distributed Transaction Coordinator
  • MSMQ 2.0
  • TAPI 3.0
  • Integrated Windows Authentication (including Kerberos, Secure channel and SPNEGO (Negotiate) SSP packages for Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI)).
  • MS-CHAP v2 protocol
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Enterprise Certificate Authority support
  • Terminal Services and support for the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  • Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0 and Windows Media Services 4.1
  • Network Quality of Service features[96]
  • A new Windows Time service which is an implementation of Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) as detailed in IETF RFC 1769. The Windows Time service synchronizes the date and time of computers in a domain[97] running on Windows 2000 Server or later. Windows 2000 Professional includes an SNTP client.

The Server editions include more features and components, including the Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS), Active Directory support and fault-tolerant storage.

NoteYou can use these OS free for 30-days, after that you need to enter your product key.

The above files are in .7z format, you need a 7-zip extractor to extract .iso file from it. These extractors for available for free, 

Download Now for:      Windows      Mac OS X      Linux

Download the .7z extractor, then download windows file. Extract .iso file of windows 2000 and Burn this into a bootable DVD or you can install windows, virtually using virtual box.

If you have any problem with the installation or downloading of files or if the links are not working, then feel free to email


Download Windows 2000 iso

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Download Windows XP SP3 iso Setup files for free

Download Windows XP SP3 iso Setup

Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) was released to manufacturing on April 21, 2008, and to the public via both the Microsoft Download Center and Windows Update on May 6, 2008.
Download windows xp sp3 iso setup
It began being automatically pushed out to Automatic Update users on July 10, 2008.
A feature set overview which details new features available separately as stand-alone updates to Windows XP, as well as backported features from Windows Vista, has been posted by Microsoft.
A total of 1,174 fixes have been included in SP3.Service Pack 3 can be installed on systems with Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, or 8.Internet Explorer 7 and 8 are not included as part of can Download Windows XP SP3 iso Setup from here.
Service Pack 3 is not available for the 64 bit version of Windows XP, which is based on Windows Server 2003 kernel.

New features in Service Pack 3

  • NX APIs for application developers to enable Data Execution Prevention for their code, independent of system-wide compatibility enforcement settings
  • Turns black hole router detection on by default
  • Support for SHA-2 signatures in X.509 certificates
  • Network Access Protection client
  • Group Policy support for IEEE 802.1X authentication for wired network adapters.
  • Credential Security Support Provider
  • Descriptive Security options in Group Policy/Local Security Policy user interface
  • An updated version of the Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider Module (RSAENH) that is FIPS 140-2 certified (SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512 algorithms)
Installing without requiring a product key during setup for retail and OEM versions
Previously released updates
Windows xp SP3 iso also incorporated several previously released key updates for Windows XP, which were not included up to SP2, including:
  • Windows Imaging Component
  • IPSec Simple Policy Update for simplified creation and maintenance of IPSec filters
  • Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) 2.5
  • MSXML 6.0 SP2 and XMLLite
  • Microsoft Management Console 3.0
  • Credential Roaming service (Digital Identity Management Service) update
  • Remote Desktop Protocol 6.1 including support for ClearType and 32-bit color depth over RDP
  • RemoteApp server which is used for Windows XP Mode
  • Credential Security Support Provider which provides Network Level Authentication and Single Sign-On for RDP
  • Peer Name Resolution Protocol 2.1
  • Network Diagnostics update
  • WPA2 Update (KB893357)
  • Windows Script 5.7
  • Windows Installer 3.1 v2
  • Wireless LAN API (KB918997)
Improvements made to Windows Management Instrumentation in Windows Vista to reduce the possibility of corruption of the WMI repository.All you have to do is just click on the link below to Download Windows XP SP3 iso Setup from here.
Windows xp SP3 iso contains updates to the operating system components of Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE) and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, and security updates for
.NET Framework version 1.0, which is included in these editions. However, it does not include update rollups for the Windows Media Center application in Windows XP MCE 2005.
Windows xp SP3 iso also omits security updates for Windows Media Player 10, although the player is included in Windows XP MCE 2005. The Address Bar DeskBand on the Taskbar is no longer included due to legal restrictions.It is easy to Download Windows XP SP3 iso Setup from here.

Download Windows XP SP3 iso Setup file

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Download Microsoft Office 2003 iso full version for FREE

Download Microsoft Office 2003 full version for FREE(Direct download .exe link)

Download Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 3 full 

version for FREE

Microsoft Office 2003 is an office suite written and distributed by Microsoft for their Windows operating system. Released to manufacturing on August 19, 2003 and launched on October 21, 2003, it was the successor to Office XP and the predecessor to Office 2007. It is the first version to officially work on Windows 7.
A new Office logo was debuted as part of a rebranding effort by Microsoft,as well as two new applications: InfoPath and OneNote. OneNote is a note-taking and organizing application for text, handwritten notes or diagrams, recorded audio and graphics, and InfoPath is an application for designing, distributing, filling and submitting electronic forms containing structured data. Office 2003 was the first version to use Windows XP style icons, visual styles and colors.
Office 2003 runs only on NT-based versions of Windows; it is not supported on Windows 98, Windows Me, or Windows NT 4.0. It is the last version of Office compatible with Windows 2000, as Office 2007 requires Windows XP or Vista. It is listed as being "Not Compatible" with Windows 8 by the Microsoft Windows 8 Compatibility Center, although some users have claimed it is compatible.
Service Pack 1 for Office 2003 was released on July 27, 2004, Service Pack 2 was released on September 27, 2005, and Service Pack 3 was released on September 17, 2007. The last cumulative update for Office 2003, Service Pack 3 resolved several compatibility and stability issues with Windows Vista and later operating systems. Mainstream support for Office 2003 ended April 14, 2009, and extended support April 8, 2014.

Note: Language of the above windows xp iso files, is English. You can use this edition free for 30-days, after that you need to enter your product key.
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Download Microsoft OFFICE 2007 Full Version .iso for free

Download Microsoft OFFICE 2007 setup .iso for free

Microsoft Office 2007 is a version of Microsoft Office, a family of office suites and productivity software for Windows, developed and published by Microsoft. It was released to volume license customers on November 30, 2006 and to retail customers on January 30, 2007, the same respective release dates of Windows Vista. It was preceded by Office 2003 and succeeded by Office 2010.

Office 2007 includes new applications and server-side tools, including Microsoft Groove, a collaboration and communication suite for smaller businesses, which was originally developed by Groove Networks before being acquired by Microsoft in 2005. Also included is Office SharePoint Server 2007, a major revision to the server platform for Office applications, which supports Excel Services, a client-server architecture for supporting Excel workbooks that are shared in real time between multiple machines, and are also viewable and editable through a web page.

Download Microsoft OFFICE 2007 iso Standard Edition

Serial keys




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Download QUICKHEAL Antivirus Total Security 2014 for Free

               Download  QUICKHEAL Total Security 2014 15.0  ( for Free.

Quick Heal Internet Security, with its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, protects your laptops and desktops and provides protection against all kinds of Internet or network-based threats. It provides a safe and secure experience while you are browsing, Online Banking, Online Shopping, Chatting and playing games online. Upon installation, it acts as a shield against viruses, worms, trojans, spywares and other malicious threats. Quick Heal Internet Security also provides security against new and unknown threats with Quick Heal's renowned DNAScan® Technology.

Download  QUICKHEAL Total Security 2014  15.0  (

Supported Operating System
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (Service Pack 4 and later)
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home / Professional (Service Pack 2 and later) / Professional 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic / Home Premium / Business / Enterprise / Ultimate (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Starter / Home Basic / Home Premium / Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows 8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Cannot be installed on Server OS

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • 300 MHz or higher processor for Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows XP
  • 1 GHz for Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 8.1
  • 512 MB of RAM for Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit), Microsoft Windows 8 (32-bit), Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32-bit)
  • 512 MB of RAM for Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit), Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit), Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
  • 1.60 GB free hard disk space
  • CD-ROM or DVD drive
  • Internet connection to receive updates
  • Internet Explorer 6 or the latest browser

Download Office Home and Student 2011 Free for Mac user

Download Office 2011 free for Mac : Home and Student 

Download Office 2011 Free Home and Student for Mac user

Download Office 2011 free Home and Student for Mac

Microsoft Office 2011 includes more robust enterprise support and greater feature parity with the Windows edition. Its interface is now more similar to Office 2007 and 2010 for Windows, with the addition of the Ribbon. Support for Visual Basic for Applications macros returned after having been dropped in Office 2008.
In addition, Office 2011 supports online collaboration tools such as OneDrive and Office Web Apps, allowing Mac and Windows users to simultaneously edit documents over the web. It also supports Apple’s high-density Retina displays, allowing the display of sharp, accurate text and can Download Office 2011 Free Home and Student for Mac user .

A new version of Outlook, written using Mac OS X’s Cocoa API, returns to the Mac for the first time since 2001 and has full support for Exchange 2007.
It replaces Entourage, which was included in Office 2004 and 2008 for Mac.
Limitations :
Office for Mac 2011 has a number of limitations compared to Office 2010 for Windows. It does not support ActiveX controls,OpenDocument Format, or right-to-left languages such as Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew.
It also cannot handle attachments in Rich Text Format e-mail messages sent from Outlook for Windows, which are delivered as winmail.dat attachments.Microsoft does not support CalDAV and CardDAV in Outlook, so there is no way to sync directly Outlook through iCloud. Outlook also does not allow the user to disable Cached Exchange Mode, unlike the Windows version, and it is therefore not possible to connect to an Exchange Server without downloading a local cache of mail and calendar data.
Features :
PowerPoint 2011
Excel 2011
Word 2011
Office Web apps and co-authoring

Download Office 2011 free Home and Student for Mac